The CCYSA summer soccer program is a recreational, youth, outdoor soccer program intended to introduce and instruct young players on the fundamentals of soccer in an encouraging atmosphere. Practices begin late June with 8 games played from mid-July to mid-August. Games will typically be on Monday and Wednesday nights (boys) or Tuesday and Thursday nights (girls). Fridays and Saturdays will be used occasionally for make-up games.  Information such as rosters, schedules, and field locations will be posted in late June on the CYB and CCYSA websites. Games will be played in Homer, Cortland or McGraw.

Registration (April 1 - June 5, 2022):

Registration is over. 


Rosters have been prepared.
Team shirts have been ordered.

We are assigning coaches to the teams.
Expect a call from your child's coach the last week of June or first week of July.


Coach's Meeting
Saturday 6/25, 9am @ Testa Park (Starr Rd):

Let's kick-off the season together to review the league, rules, resources and
distribute equipment to coaches in preparation for beginning practices.

2022 Coach's Manual



Because of the Independence Day weekend, most teams will begin practices the first week of July.
Your coach will contact you with details.

Begin the week of July 18 to 21.
Below are the Game schedules.

Games will typically be on Monday and Wednesday nights (boys) or Tuesday and Thursday nights (girls).

Boys 6U Schedule
Boys 8U Schedule
Boys 10U Schedule
Boys 12U Schedule

Girls 6U Schedule
Girls 8U Schedule
Girls 10U Schedule
Girls 12U Schedule

Weather Policy
In the event of forecasted storms, teams should still go to the field. It could be storming at your house, but not at the field. A storm in one area may not affect games at another field. Teams should make a determination to cancel a game with the referee at the field, NOT ahead of time.  Canceling a game ahead of time with another coach means the referee may still show up, and you will be responsible for paying the referee fees, not the league.

At the sound of thunder or sight of lightning ALL games at that location are either delayed or ended. The safety rule is a mandatory 30 min wait until after the last clap of thunder is heard before resuming play. If there is another game after yours, then your game should be ended on time so that the following game is not delayed in their start.

If there is a torrential downpour that requires a stop in play, you may resume play, but not at the expense of delaying the next scheduled game. The games are running time, not stoppage play.

While there is no official policy related to heat, please make sure you rest all players adequately and they are sufficiently hydrated, adding water breaks as agreed by both coaches and the referee. If you don’t have enough subs, then play a smaller sided game and have both coaches agree to shorter quarters, if necessary.

It will be the decision of the Summer Director and the Board if the situation warrants a canceled game to be re-scheduled, not individual coaches. We have limited field availability and we must consult with our Director of Fields & Equipment, Referees, and partnering townships so we are not in conflict with other pre-scheduled events.

Cortland County Select (CC Select)

Fall 2022 Competitive, Travel Soccer League

More info here

Registration Deadline is July 29, Practices start in August

CCYSA Mission

The mission of the CCYSA is to promote, teach and facilitate recreational and competitive youth soccer in our community.  Through good sportsmanship, fair play, responsibility and respect, CCYSA will strive to offer soccer opportunities to all those that wish to participate.

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